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#2221 SUPERB African Gan Burkina faso bronze Ring

#2221 SUPERB African Gan Burkina faso bronze Ring

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SUPERB African Gan Burkina 

Faso bronze Ring . measures  size approx 1.5w by 1.25" h 1.5" d
Cast using the lost wax method, involving the creation of a model in beeswax, the wax model is then encased in layers of fine clay. The structure is heated and the melted wax runs out through the channels of wax rods; molten metal is poured into the mold - created after wax was lost, the metal cools and hardens, the mold is broken and the piece has been created.
Each piece is an original and unique since the mold is broken after casting.
Pure Gan style and workmanship 
a must for anyone's collection 
do not miss it 
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