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#4182 Rare African Dogon Bronze Mask Mali 6.75" h

#4182 Rare African Dogon Bronze Mask Mali 6.75" h

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Extraordinary and rare to find Dogon bronze mask with a raised crocodile
and a circles on the forehead   made with lost wax process which make it unique piece , with amazing patina ,
6.75" h by 5.25" w by 2.75 " d
the crocodile  has supernatural powers. 
This bronze mask was made by using the  old technique of lost wax  casting or (cire perdue).

The mask or wax model  that is hand shaped is  surrounded by a coating of clay, it is then heated and hardened which liquefies the wax and creates a cavity or  mold when the wax is drained out.  When the bottom of the mold is sealed the molten bronze is  then poured into the cavity of the mold leaving the metal figure. which is a one of a kind  and original because the clay mold is destroyed after each casting.

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