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#4525 Superb African Dan Bugle Tribe Mask I Coast 16.5" h

#4525 Superb African Dan Bugle Tribe Mask I Coast 16.5" h

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Stunning piece of Dan Bugle tribe African Art.This is a bold and powerful looking carved wooden mask from the Dan peoples of the Ivory Coast of west Africa. This mask is known as a Bugle mask and the appearance of this mask during pre-war ceremonies was used to make trouble and provoke reactions from the people watching the ceremonies. 


Very well weathered, obvious field use and wear. overall Good condition.

This piece came from the Ivory Coast and is most likely from the Dan Tribe,circa 1950 or older 

The Dan Tribe and sub Tribes Guere and Yacouba live in Western Ivory coast and Liberia. They are people from the rainforest

It is a real beauty and very primitive in nature.

This mask is very decorative (minor losses )

measures: 16.5"  h by 7"d by" 8" W.

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