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#1420 Mehinako Xingu Manioc Mat Amazon Brazil

#1420 Mehinako Xingu Manioc Mat Amazon Brazil

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Stunning detailed cassava mat patterns by the Mehinako people of the XIngu region, Brazil. These mats are hand made from cotton and burriti fibre. They are used for many purposes but mainly to serve, sift and wash cassava flour....The Xingu River system, which runs through central Brazil ... Aweti, Kalapalo, Kamaiurá, Kuikuro, Matipu, Mehinako, Nahukuá, Trumai, ... Primary subsistence is fish and bread and porridge made from the cultivation of manioc.
a must for anyone's collection thanks.


1′11″ × 2′3″ and 0.1″ thick

Period 2000s ,Styles Primitive .Materials Cotton,Condition

Not Used, Original Condition Unaltered, Some Imperfections

minor loss of fiber

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