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#5082 African Yoruba Beaded King Crown 18" H Nigeria

#5082 African Yoruba Beaded King Crown 18" H Nigeria

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This exquisite African Yoruba King beaded crown from Nigeria is adorned with blue and white beads and intricately decorated with beaded birds. The birds symbolize áshe (ah-SHE), a divine force believed to have the power to manifest one's desires. The use of glass beads in the crown represents royalty, while each bead color is associated with a different Yoruba deity. The veil serves to conceal the king's face, emphasizing the importance of the crown as the true source of power. This 18" H crown (32"H with long beads) measures 8" D in diameter and may have minor bead loss, adding to its vintage charm.( stand is not included in the sale )

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