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#1808 Baule Passport Mask of a Monkey Cote d'Ivoire African 6" H

#1808 Baule Passport Mask of a Monkey Cote d'Ivoire African 6" H

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  • TitleBaule Passport Mask Animal Cote d'Ivoire

  •  AfricanType of ObjectMask, Miniature Mask

  • Country of OriginCote d'IvoirePeopleBaule

  • MaterialsWood, pigment

  • Dimensionsapprox : 6 inches H. x 3 inches 3" d 

  •  Overall ConditionGood wear and chips due to age 

  • A passport mask in the form of a small carved t mask with animal features attributed to the Baule

  • . Miniature masks often called "passport" masks

  •  Masks like this are use as personal mask of initiated adult men and would be carried everywhere When traveling, initiates would take passport masks with them in leather pouches. The masks would serve as protective spirits. Passport masks serve also to mark the passage of an initiate into the men's secret society and his elevation into the higher ranks. They may be presented at meetings of senior members of the men's society to indicate their right to be present and participate in the deliberations. Diviner would recommend that small masks be given to children to wear to ward off evil witches or cure illnesses. Passport masks were kept on personal shrines when not in use. On shrines they would receive the offerings and prayers of their owners and in time would accumulate a rich patina of different substances that could obscure their features.

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