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#650 African Dogon Carved Wood Milk Stool Mali 11" H by 9" D

#650 African Dogon Carved Wood Milk Stool Mali 11" H by 9" D

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Superb carved milk stool from the Dogon Tribe in Mali. 
The stool is supported by figures representing ancestors, who were seen as authority figures.

11" H by 9" Diameter

The stool shows some wear minor cracks   from use , overall good condition . 

pls check pictures for details

This is a beautiful Hand Carved Wood Stool from the Dogon People of Mali. Wooden stools serve the Dogon people for everyday use. This stool is supported by Ancestor Figures or nommo. These figures were originally symbols of authority for the priests or a leading Dogon spiritual leader in the village. This stool with a post in the middle are linked with Dogon mythology. The seat represents heaven, the base represents the earth, and the post represents a tree, linking the two. This is a a very unique stool that would be a wonderful addition to your collection or home.


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