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African Bamileke Mask Cameroon 12.5" H #2289

African Bamileke Mask Cameroon 12.5" H #2289

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Bamileke Cameroon wooden painted mask with some  worn . This mask represents a male character 
measures approx :12.5" H by 8" w by 5.5" D

The Bamileke are among the artistic elite of the Cameroon Grasslands area. They are ruled by kings, and many of their masks are for royal festivities. Masks like this one belonged to the regulatory society, (Kwifoyn). They are identified as leader masks , Nkang, Nkam, Akam, lead a group of masks, and use two staffs to punish. Nkang symbolizes male authority and strengthNkang masks was used for important members of the society, during seasonal annual festivals and to entertain the community.

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