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#5628 Old Bronze Seating Touching Buddha 2.25" H

#5628 Old Bronze Seating Touching Buddha 2.25" H

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This old, silver-plated bronze Earth-Touching Buddha with Its legs are crossed, its rightt hand in the lap, and its right hand pointing up, . This posture of "Calling The Earth to Witness" marks the moment of enlightenment for the Buddha. It is the story of how he overcame fear and temptation upon reaching the verge of enlightenment and called upon the Earth to witness his enlightenment, provoking the Earth Goddess to wring her hair and releasing floods that overwhelmed the Demon Mara and his minions. Dimensions: 2.25 H x 1.5"W x 1" D 

These miniature Buddhas were traditionally hold in the palm of the hand and   used in prayer  while traveling long distances.signed on the bottom.

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