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#4157 African Dogon Bronze Horseman Gold Weight Mali 3" H

#4157 African Dogon Bronze Horseman Gold Weight Mali 3" H

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A fine Dogon bronze gold weight  of a horseman or equestrian figure w/companion
Horses were rare amongst the Dogon and were considered as a status symbol and reserved for the elite.
This bronze horseman sits atop a elongated face  horse 
Bronze pieces created by the lost wax method involves creating a model in beeswax. Once completed, wax rods are attached to it and the entire model is encased in layers of fine clay. The structure is heated and the melted wax runs out through the channels or wax rods, molten metal is poured into the mold, created after wax was lost - the metal cools and hardens, the mold is broken and the piece has been created. Each piece is an original since the mold is broken after each one has been cast.
Origin: Dogon ethnic group - MALI
Age: Late 20th century
Materials: Bronze
Condition details: Good
Dimensions:  (3") high -  (3") wide   1" D

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