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#4023 LG Old African Dogon Hand carved Wood Horseman Mali 30" H

#4023 LG Old African Dogon Hand carved Wood Horseman Mali 30" H

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Superb   large old African Dogon hand carved of one piece of wood  Horseman   Mali 11" D 6" W by 30"H.

 it is a unique piece ,shows some wood loss ,due to age overall good condition 
amazing in person 
thanks for looking
This sculpture reflects the artistry, power, and authority of the Dogon blacksmith, as it was he who also carved the well-known wooden sculptures used by the Dogon. wooden sculpture special meaning for the Dogon for they blend symbol and a powerful aesthetic in a very abstract image.
Dogon figures depicting horses and riders reflect the prestige and power surrounding an animal that has been associated with royalty since horses were introduced to West Africa more than a thousand years ago." "Dogon equestrian figures are most often identified as images of the HOGON, since in Dogon society horses are a luxury generally reserved for rich an powerful people. ." Horses appear in Dogon mythology about the creation of the world, and the horse has been interpreted as a blacksmith who represents NOMMO, or other mythological beings. 

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