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#3951 Superb African Akan - Asante gold-weight from the Gold Coast (Ghana)

#3951 Superb African Akan - Asante gold-weight from the Gold Coast (Ghana)

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Akan - Asante gold-weight from the Gold Coast (Ghana) known as Islamic weights.
The use of gold was limited in the past on the African continent, due to the restrictions of Islam. In gold trading, Akan merchants used bronze figurines as gold weights, also known as mrammuo , these were figurative, either human figures or animal representations, or abstract designs - all were created using the lost-wax process
Gold dust was used as exchange up until the time that Europeans introduced their currency; the gold trader's equipment also included scales, tiny boxes, and brass spoons for the gold dust.
Akan, or Asante weights were calibrated and would correspond to a certain weight of the gold dust or gold metal that was being weighed. Calibration was possible in this case by the insertion of copper insets in the holes of the weight, these are not decorative but are rather intentional in order to adjust the ponderal value of the gold being weighed.
Nice patina.

Origin: Akan, Asante ethnic group - GHANA
Materials: Bronze
Dimensions :  approx  1.25" diameter


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