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#1705 Old African Songye Kifwebe Wooden Mask 14" H

#1705 Old African Songye Kifwebe Wooden Mask 14" H

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Songye  Kifwebe Mask female with Bright colorful pigment stripes DR Congo African
measures approx :14" h by 9" w and 6" deep

shows minor loss and holes overall good condition .

An interesting Songye Kifwebe mask with striations painted in bright colors (white , brown rust etc... )This s a female mask used by members of the Bwadi Bwa Kifwebe Secret society.
"Kifwebe" means "Mask" in the Songye language. The face generally is covered with linear incisions which are sometimes pigmented, the mouth is most often square and protruding. If it has a central crest, it is masculine; if not, feminine. The size of the crest determines the magical power of the mask. Such masks are worn during initiation, circumcision, ceremonies.
amazing in person

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