How to care Of African Mud Cloth

How to care Of African Mud Cloth

How to take Care Of African Mud Cloth

 Only wash when absolutely necessary! 

Wash the textile  with cold water and Natural soap free of any chemical ,Submerge  in  cold water the fabric and with care wash it with the soap ,then rinse  with a small amount of vinegar to avoid fading and to fix the color .

Hang it to dry or lay flat. 

 African Mud cloth also known as, Bògòlanfini or Bogolan is a hundred percent  cotton textile from Mali ,  Traditionally woven by the men andpainted/dyed by the women using  Natural and organic dyes from herbs and seeds and what is available  in their environment , they weave narrow strips of the cotton textile,with geometric design and forms ,Each pattern and design have special meaning depending on the region, ethnic group + individual,and then  they are  sewn together to create  a larger textile.. Each piece is unique and  truly has a story to tell based on the symbols and designs used!

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