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African Senufo Spoon w/seated Male I. Coast 21" H #493

African Senufo Spoon w/seated Male I. Coast 21" H #493

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African Senufo   I. Coast  hand carved on one piece of wood  Spoon ,w/seated  Male  and a fist over his head  and two separate head s on the bottom.the spoon show some wear due to time and a hole in the fist 
pls check pictures 
measures Approx : 21" h by  4.5 " w.

This marvelously carved male figure comes from the Senufo people who are found in Ivory Coast, Mali and Burkina Faso. The art of the Senufo was some of the earliest recognized and collected in Europe and French colonial authorities recognized the quality of the objects and brought them back to France where artists and others of the avant-garde began collecting Senufo art. This figure has all the hallmarks of a classic Senufo sculpture in terms of details and the appearance of a well-used surface of the figure.
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