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#3650 African Colorful Fish Mask Bozo Bamana 24" H.

#3650 African Colorful Fish Mask Bozo Bamana 24" H.

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A wonderful wildly carved and brightly painted mask in the form of a  fish The surface has been painted with yellow /red /black colors minor losses and reflects the age and long use of this mask by the Bozo.

24" h by 4.5" w by 9" D

This important piece was part of a masquerade that is centered in the region around the Bamana city of Segou or the Bozo area of Mopti. This Bozomask is performed by young men of the region during the Sogo ba masquerade. youth groups, sing, dance, drum, manipulate puppets or dance masks in creating performances called Sogo Ba. Though considered to be a form of entertainment the performances are directed towards a description of the moral universe and the imperfection of humans and the need to educate people as regards ethical behavior and how to attain a religious way of life and how to maintain social and familial stability. 
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