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#5241 Superb Benin Leopard Bronze Nigeria African 5" H

#5241 Superb Benin Leopard Bronze Nigeria African 5" H

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Superb small Benin Leopard Bronze Nigeria African 
measures approx :5" D by 5" H by 2.5" W

Made using the lost wax technique ,which make it unique, one of a kind.
The Benin Kingdom was founded by the son of an Ife king around 1300, but it was not until the 15th/16thC that the kingdom reached its zenith. Sometime in the 15thC, members of the kingdom made contact with Portuguese traders living along the coast, and it is likely that some of the skills found in their metalworks were learned from these interactions. The originals of these castings date to the 12th to 15th centuries and are worth millions of dollars. The present day inhabitants, Edo and  Yoruba who live in Benin, continue to produce art today inspired by these famous early masterpieces.   

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