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#4459 Dogon Granary Door With Crocodiles 47" H

#4459 Dogon Granary Door With Crocodiles 47" H

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Superb hand carved wood Dogon Door with crocodiles and birds etc... Mali African, These wooden doors covered the village granaries where the Dogon people of Mali stored grain and other items of value. measures : 45" h and 47" H with  the hinges  by 23" w by 1.5" D 

This stunning door has a number of crocodiles  carved in relief  including pointed breasts  strongly framed along the edgesand middle.
Most Dogon carvings of humans refer to primordial ancestors known as Nommo who brought humankind to earth and who were the first farmers and blacksmiths.
Figures dance across the surface in reflection of Dogon celebrating the idea of life and nourishment and to honor the ancestors

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