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#3891 African Igbo Mask Nigeria 14.5 " H

#3891 African Igbo Mask Nigeria 14.5 " H

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Igbo Nigeria  wooden painted mask This mask represents a male character by its headdress.measures approx :14.5" H bt 9" w by 6.5" D

The Igbo people have numerous men’s dancing societies for which masks with a wide range of symbolism are worn. Among the Igbo a masquerader is known as mmanwu, however masked dancers will have other names within local Igbo groups. Masks appear to initiate young boys into adult status and adult males into higher levels and status in the men’s society. Beautifully carved masks will dance to honor the dead through masks that represent the beauty of young girls as spirit maidens. The costumes worn with the masks are colorful made up of different colored cloth appliques and detailed design patterns.
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