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#371 Exquisite Bronze Bracelet Gan Burkina Faso

#371 Exquisite Bronze Bracelet Gan Burkina Faso

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Exquisite Bronze Currency Bracelet Gan Burkina Faso with amazing zigzag stylized representations of a snake design and ancestor figure on each side ,many tribes in Burkina Faso have seen snakes as sacred. Killing or eating them was forbidden, while the shedding of their skin was a symbol of rebirth. The animals were more than a symbol; to some they were mediators between this world and the next ,The snake's great strength, speed and fearlessness made it a divine symbol

Material: bronze, lost wax process, Nice patina.
Origin: Burkina -5ʺW × 4.75ʺD × 3.75ʺH
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