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#3453 African Baule Goli Passport Mask I Coast 10.5"H

#3453 African Baule Goli Passport Mask I Coast 10.5"H

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Small Passport masks serve to mark the passage of an initiate into the men secret society and his elevation into the higher ranks. The small masks may be presented at meetings of senior members of the men society to indicate their right to be present and participate in the deliberations.

Diviner’s would recommend that small masks be given to children to wear to ward off evil witches or cure illnesses. 

Most of these miniature masks mirror the shape and features of the larger masks that they were modeled after. Like the full-sized dance masks the smaller masks reflect the great diversity of styles and forms of the larger masks. 

 handcrafted by the Goli tribe mask that originates from the Akan people from Ghana and the Ivory Coast who are known as The Baule. Common features of the disc shaped facemasks include antelope shaped horns, round eyes, rectangular shaped mouth and geometric designs. The Goli masquerading tradition is performed during funerals or during times of danger. The mask wearer mediates with supernatural forces during the ritual, which have a positive influence on the village people 

10.5" h  by 7"w  and 2.5" Deep

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